Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Questions of the Day

What was your favorite physical activity this week and why?

"Wii Sports and Michaele Jackson Dancing"

"Musical Chairs. It may play my favorit song's.
You may know if you will get a chair.
It is a game full of surprises"

Now my turn to answer: My favorite physical activity this week was my treadmill run. On Wednesdays I do a run for a certain amount of time at a certain speed 5 times, changing the speed each time. This is a weekly run that I do however each week the time increases. The first week I started with 5 minute intervals and then worked my way up. Today was the first day that I did 10 minute intervals! I started with 10 minutes at 9 minute mile pace, then did another 10 at 8 minute mile pace, next was at 7:45, finally a 7:13 pace and lastly a 10 minute interval back at 9 minute pace to cool down. Sometimes the fastest interval is so hard for me I have to walk some of the last cool down interval. But today I was able to tough it all out and even complete the whole cool down interval! That was my favorite physical activity of the week because I felt like I reached a goal. Now I get to set a new goal!

What physical activity would you like to try next week and why?

"I would like to run a marathon because my mom likes to run them."

"Karate Because you get to chop things every day. I like doing thos thing."

Again, time for me to answer: The physical activity that I would like to try next week would be the spin bike. I have been considering getting a bike at the new year. I have heard biking is a great way for runners to cross train. I also think it would be cool to participate in some duathlons. A spin bike would be a good way to try out biking without having to purchase a real bike. Maybe I will try one out at a gym!

(I thought the kids answers and drawings were great! They made me smile. :)
I hope they did the same for you!)

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