Sunday, July 17, 2011

National Education Association

I belong to the National Education Association which is a large teacher organization across the US. As a member we receive a bimonthly magazine. Several months ago I was looking through the magazine and made the comment, "Some day I want to be in this magazine." One thing lead to another when I was contacted by the National Education Association asking if they could interview me for an article for the magazine! I was so very excited as this came much sooner than I had expected!
Soon after we set up a time for the interview and it took place. You can read the digital article here! I am looking in the mail daily to see the article published. I can only imagine the feeling that will consume me when I see that article about the project when not so long ago I blatantly stated I wanted this to happen! Its such an accomplishing feeling already!

Thank you to every single person who has aided me in this project through financial contributions, inspiration and support!

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