Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kids in Force

Your child is already tracking their physical activity time for the project. If they take it a step further by tracking how many fruit and veggies they eat they can earn even more prizes with this program! Just one more way to get our kids making healthy choices to create lifestyle changes!

In 2010 Sage Fruit Company implemented the Kids in Force program to educate our youth on the importance of health and nutrition ultimately empowering them to their full potential and a healthier lifestyle.

Childhood Obesity is a growing epidemic that is affecting our future. School programing has struggled with funding for Health Education and after school activities leaving our children without healthy options. Through Kids in Force, we hope to educate and get our children involved in making healthy eating decisions as well as encouraging them to play and get physical activity each day.

The outline of the program is simple, the more you decide to eat healthy and get daily activity, the more points you get! Your points add up and can be redeemed for some amazing prizes. But the biggest reward is better health!

First, download your official Kids in Force guidelines and activity tracking sheet. While you are there, check out our various activities and resources! Download the KIF form and print it out for your record keeping.

Fill out the required contact information and begin logging your activities and food choices! Once you reach your desired points and prize level, simply mail the form to the address provided on the bottom of the form and you’ll receive your prize in the mail!

Points do not accumulate from previous sent in forms, so save your points until you reach the point level and prize you want before sending it in. Once you send in one form, you can start over again and redeem for a different prize! Just please one form/prize every 60 days.

*Information from Sage Fruit Website

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