Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Discover Your Health

We are discovering our health at Discovery School of Tulsa! As many of you know I am a 3rd grade teacher. I have been elected to head up our Healthy School Initiative committee after attending a workshop over the summer with a group of co-teachers. Our committee is very excited about many different things. I personally am excited because not only will I be trying to implement this in my class, but we will be implementing this program through the entire school!
We are starting the program by having students put in their ideas for a name for our program. We want to get the kids involved and give them ownership right away! Other first steps in this program include:

- Raised indoor garden bed in cafeteria so students can see the process of where their food comes from.
- Eliminating junk food as snacks, parties and PTO store within our school.
- Encouraging kids to get active while at recess (believe it or not some kids just stand in one place or will sit).

Although these are small changes for the start we have larger plans ahead also:

- We plan to attach a healthy idea in the weekly PTO letter.
- We hope to get 6 raised outdoor garden beds (and later even expand it to an outdoor classroom) so students can actually start trying new fruits and vegetables.
- We would like to get a bike rack for our school.
- We plan to implement school clubs that promote healthy students.
- We want to have a school team at the Tulsa Run this year.

The planning could go on and on with the things we hope to be able to do at our school. Our mission is to find ways to get our students thinking about where their food comes from so that they may make healthy choices. While they start to think about their food choices we want them to also be thinking about other choices such as their amount of physical activity. As teachers we see a great need for these issues to be taught and practiced at school. We see firsthand how students are affected by the choices they make or sometimes choices that are even made for them. We have set out on a mission to help our student and their families discover their health!
As a part of our program our students will take a survey at the beginning, middle and end of the school year to see how the program is working. There are questions such as rate your fitness and nutrition level, how many fruits and vegetables do you eat, how many time do you participate in physical activity a week and how often do you eat fast food. I have already started to compile the data. Some of it is very shocking! Check back next week to see how my 3rd grade class answered the survey!

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