Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"What are you doing?"

Some people have been asking, "So...What are you doing?" referring to my training. On the last project it was a lot about me enduring through those long runs. However, for this project there has not been a lot of talk about my workouts so people are starting to ask. Today I will tell you a little bit about that, but first I want to give an update on the kiddos. This week the folders went home with the kids. They have started logging their physical activity time and will complete their first writing prompt. This weeks writing prompt is: Why do you think being active everyday is important to your health? Next week we will have some of the responses featured!

Now back to the question of: What are you doing? Over the summer I tend not to race much because my whole goal is to beat the heat and rarely do races start early enough to do so. My focus right now is to prepare for 3 big races in the fall. There is a 6.5 mile trail run in September, a 9.3 mile race in October and a half marathon on November. These 3 races where races that I participated in last year when I first started running. I was pretty satisfied with two of the races, but I know with all my training and build from the marathon I can now do better. I have set goals for each of these races and I am working hard to achieve them even now through the summer. Since the kids are logging their time of physical activity I am doing the same! You can check it out to the right of the screen.

As far as workout wise I will give you a little break down of what I typically do.

Sunday: 3 miles with hills

Monday: 10 minute run warm up. 30 seconds as fast as I can sprint, 30 seconds walk, 30 seconds jog (repeat that 8 times). 10 minute run cool down.

Tuesday: 5 miles with hills and P90X ab workout

Wednesday: Treadmill Interval Workout
This week it will go as follows:
8 minutes at 9 minute mile pace
8 minutes at 8 minute mile pace
8 minutes at 7:45 minute mile pace
8 minutes at 7:15 minute mile pace
8 minutes at 9 minute mile pace

The past 3 weeks I have done 30 minutes to an hour of yoga as well. I heard yoga was good for athletes so I have started trying it out.

Thursday: REST!!!
If I feel up to it I do P90X abs.

Friday: Long Run
This week: 10 miles
I started my build completely over after the marathon to allow my body to recover.

Saturday: REST!!!

Now you know what I am doing this summer! I am really excited to see what the kids do to get active and also read about their experiences! I am thankful that we get to help create healthy habits in these students lives! Visit next week to read about the students thoughts on why being active is important to their health.

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