Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Words from the Kids

The kids logged a total of 50 hours and 50 minutes of activity in week one!
480 hours is our goal for the summer.

The first writing prompts are in! Let's take a look at a few!
"Why do you think being active everyday is important to your healthy?"
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"I think being active helps me stay strong. Being active is fun. It keeps you healthy."
Cortney 2nd Grade
"Because it makes your bones stronger, in makes you healther, it helps you grow. And it is important to have fun and stay active every day and eat lots of fruit and vegetables and stay in shape for the rest of your life."
Asia- 6th Grade

"It helps your blood pump. It helps your body grow. It keeps you from getting sick."
Natalia- 3rd Grade

"It keeps you in shape, keeps you healthy, and it helps you live a better life.
And helps you live longer."
Jolene- 5th Grade

I was very excited to see the understanding from these children and many others! It is great that they know why being active is important and they view being active as a positive thing!

On the other hand some of the children writings included phrases like: "You won't get fat and lazy." "It is important to exercise to not get fat." "It will keep you healthy, strong and skinny." These are phrases that make me sad. I want children to see beyond physical activity as what determines if you are fat or skinny. We want children understanding that exercise makes us feel better, aids us in our moods and sleep, strengthens our muscles and bones along with helps our overall health! We want children to get away from thinking they need to exercise just so they don't "get fat" or so that they can "be skinny".

Throughout this project we are encouraging all children to get active so that they can lead a healthier life no matter what shape or size their body is! We can do this by making sure to avoid negative comments about body image and talk about positive side effects of exercise. Help us in this huge endeavor by making physical activities a positive thing in your household!

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