Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lets Get Started!

The folders are all set up and complete! On Monday Project Transformation will start. The kiddo's will come in and permission slips for the Endurance for Education project will go out. Each student will receive a folder once their permission slip has been returned. In the folder there will be an introduction note to the parent or guardian, a list of ideas for physical activities, an activity log, a calendar and the first writing prompt. Each week the campers will turn in their folder with the writing prompt from that week and a new one will be placed in there for the following week. Make sure to check the calendar because every other week the activity log will need to be turned in as well. This will allow us to keep track of our total physical activity for the entire group, along with help us keep track of how many books each camper is earning!

If your child is enjoying this program you may also want to check into Kids in Force. This program is to encourage kids not only to get active, but also to eat healthy. The child logs their activity time (which they already will be doing with the Endurance for Education Project) and the amount of servings they eat of fruit and vegetables. The child earns points and redeems them for prizes. What a great way to extend this program into healthy eating habits!

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