Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Next Project

This will be my second summer to work with Project Transformation (PT) which is a children's literacy program that believes in transforming lives and revitalizing economically distressed communities by providing educational opportunities. When thinking about what project to do next I thought of PT first thing. I know the kind of impact the program has on these children and I wanted to make that impact even more!

During the day at PT students participate in daily rotations of Reading Room (Where each student has an adult to read to. Each student is assessed weekly on their reading level.), Computers (Also some math and science are incorporated.), Arts and Crafts and Recreation. These rotations take place in the morning. Then, in the afternoon students attend field trips, go to the library, swim or have educational visitors come.

We will be encouraging students to get active for at least 30 minutes at home each day. With that time and the 30 minutes of Recreation time at PT the students would be fulfilling the hour recommendation for school age students.
Seeing how the main focus of PT is literacy I wanted to tie in reading and writing into the Endurance for Education project for this summer. Therefore, students will write once a week about their experience. Then, each student will log their time of physical activity to earn new books!

This summer I may be doing a few small races, but my focus right now is recovering from the marathon and getting back into the routine of my physical activities. My focus is on three races I have in the Fall. Since the students will be logging their physical activity I will be doing the same to help myself stay on target for the races in the Fall.

Check out our new home page! A new picture will hopefully be coming soon!

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