Thursday, July 28, 2011

Active Children, Books and Smiles

The summer is coming to an end and so is Project Transformation. Today was the last day of this amazing literacy camp. With this last day came many children, lots of books and countless smiles. We had sacks of books for those children that participated in the program. They earned a new book for every 5 hours of physical activity they did at home. The great part about it was that I worked with our reading coordinator to make sure the kids were receiving books on their reading level!
When it was time for the child to be picked up the child would go through a small assembly line to pick up their reading folder, craft project, a certificate and then their books. Everyone in the camp got to then choose another book, no matter if they did or did not participate in the Endurance for Education program.

The students were excited when they realized they were getting books. One student asked, “How many can I have?” Another said, “OH, so many books for me to read!”We even let other siblings from the family who did not attend our program to choose a book. One parent was interested in a book as well so I told her she could have it. It was amazing to see all of the interest for books!Thirty three children accumulated 401 hours and 23 minutes of physical activity over six weeks! I hope that getting these kids active for these 6 weeks allowed them to start creating healthy habits not only for themselves but for their whole family! Today we gave out over 200 brand new books to children that are eager to read! My wish for all these children are that stay active, read their new books and smile while they do it! That would mean my goal was accomplished for this project!

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