Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Students' Perspectives

Below are two cards that I received from students on Monday.

Inside caption: You are a sweet teacher and you are fun and I hope your race was good. Your friend Cherish

Inside caption: Dear Miss brown I wanted to say good job on your marathon and I also need to say that your the best teacher ever! Sined by Sydney

Monday morning I shared some information about the marathon with my students. I wore my finishers shirt, showed them my bib and medal along with showed them some pictures. Later that day they got to write in their journals about it all. Here were some of the things they wrote:

"I am glad you got the metel and teshert. I hope you hade a really good time. I really like the metel. The water on the bib makes it look cool. I am glad you finished the race. I am glad you beat your time." - Nathan

"I like the medal it is to cool. I want to keep it. Can I keep it please please I will do anything."

"Without the tree and the words the medal looks like a steering wheel." -Judah

"The bib looks like awesome. Your medle looks cool and feels silky." -Sydney

"Miss. Brown got the medal on May 1, 2011. She was number 2189. She had to run 26.2 miles. She was in area B. I think her medal is cool." -Alex

"It is cool that you have a medl. She ran 26.2 mile she has to practice a lot. Her name was 2189. It is cool. And she ran in the rain. She had to put on a trash bag." -Cornelious

"The medal is so soft that is is the right size for miss brown. She was a good finisher. I'm so proud that Miss. brown has wond the finel marathon and miss brown say it was fun when she steped in puddles and weared a trash bag over her body." - Jaden

"But keep on going because I know you are going to win." -Nick

"I can't beleve mis Brown ran a marathon. It is cool how mis Brown got to keep the medal and the tag. It is so cool. I wonder what if felled like to run in it." -Alexis

"I want a lots of medals and trophies. I'll do any thing to win a medal or trophie." - Braylin

"It is cool when Mrs. Brown ran the marathon because she is the best teacher in the whole wide world. And she train hard and hard to go on the marathon." - Eric

Oh the thoughts that 3rd graders have about the experience! It makes me smile!

You may remember some talk about links going around the room and distance being tracked on the map through this process. The students enjoyed adding shoes everyday and calculating miles. The also liked seeing just how far we could go on a map. Here was the end result:

It was so funny to me how the students saw the progress each day, yet when those last 26 miles where added to the links they were so amazed! The ohhs and awws began flying through the room. Students proudly told other teachers in the hallway, "She ran a grand total of 352 miles in training!" The kids also thought it was pretty neat that we made it across Oklahoma with just about 7 miles extra to begin heading to Texas. "Can we go all the way to Mexico?" they asked. I had a brilliant revelation after the fact that I could have added some Oklahoma history/social studies into the process by talking about each town we went to. I was quite sad I overlooked that detail, instead I was focused on getting the students to understand the distance. Now I know for next time! But all in all the students participated and were thrilled with it all!

Check back tomorrow for a special message from the students!

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