Sunday, April 24, 2011

You Did What One Week Before Your Marathon?!

Today marks the day of one week until my marathon! Easter Sunday. There were a lot of things that I did today intentionally. I woke before church to ran 7 miles. When I choose my outfit I chose shoes that were comfortable. I went to church. Hung out with family and ate yummy food while trying to stick to my diet. I watched the kids hunt Easter Eggs inside due to the rain. Even played Ring Around the Rosey with the girls. Watched others eat the cheesecake I made. Then, later caved in and ate the first dessert I have had since January. I intentionally did each of these things. It is one week away from the big day. I am paying attention closely to all things to make sure I am replicating what I have been doing the past 15 weeks (with the exception of the cheese cake!). Trying to keep everything the same so there is no crazy happenings in this last week before the race.

But no matter how hard you try there are still things that happen unintentionally. Last night I was playing Mrs. Betty Crocker. I made a cheese cake and chicken salad to bring to the Easter gathering. I was holding a 12 oz can of chicken in each hand trying to decide if I should make one batch or two. All of the sudden out of no where, I lose grip of a can. Before I had time to think it tumbles down and lands smack dab on my toe! I would just like to draw your attention to the fact that this is a 12 oz can of chicken! I later realize that not only did it land on my toe, but I caught the entire can on my foot. Not only does a blood blister immediately start to form under my toenail, but a bruise starts to show up on the top of my foot where the other edge landed.

I decided to add pictures to help with dramatic effect:

One of these 12 ounce cans of chicken


My foot


A sore, bruised toenail!
(This picture does it no justice.)

Just for size comparison.

So needless to say although I intentionally plan the week out. Things will happen that are unplanned. As I sat in the kitchen floor grasping my toe I thought, "Of course, one week before my marathon I would do something like this!" Good news is I ran 7 miles this morning and it did not cause me a lot of problems!

Ladies and gentlemen one week before my marathon I decided it wasn't a big enough challenge to run 26 miles with healed toenails, so I decided to smash my toe with a 12 oz can of chicken ;)

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