Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Student Race!

The student race was a success! We had 50 students that participated along with several parents! We had may spectators cheering all the children on. We raised $271 to go towards our math manipulatives! It was a wonderful turn out!

The buzz in our class today was all about the race. "What race are you running?" "Can you believe she made us a 'Lets Go DST' sign?" "I'm going to run so fast!" The students in my class even got to help set the race up before all the others arrived.

All the kids worked hard to finish their race. Many students did not realize just what it took to run a mile. Parents and teachers were encouraging them to keep at it. I ran beside the last stragglers and reminded them cold water was waiting ahead. I mean that is what I think about on a hot run, so I hoped it would help them too.

As each of the students received their snack and medal they all had a look of accomplishment on their face. It was a wonderful feeling to get to see the kids experience what I experience after each one of my races.


  1. John loved running, even though he was last in his group! On the way home, he kept wanting to walk the rest of the way...a little tough when we live over 30 miles away! But he had me let him out at the neighbors mailbox (about 200 yards from our drive) and ran the whole way home, and now he wants to run from the corner, which is a good 1/2 mile! Thanks, Ms. Brown for getting him excited about running!

  2. I am so glad to hear that he is excited about running! I am glad he had a great time at the race too! That was the ultimate goal: for everyone to have fun. I know I sure did!