Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Past Week at School

Old Camera
I printed two pictures off at school of the last race I did to show the students in my class. The pictures where in black and white due to the black and white ink printer. Let me go back earlier in the week: we have been studying about American culture. As a part of that we talked about Ellis Island. I pulled up the Ellis Island website where there were pictures from the past and current pictures of the place. When we looked at the past pictures the photos where all black and white due to the type of photographs at that time. One student asked, "Miss Brown, why did they all wear black and white?" So we had a conversation about how the fabric they wore was colorful its just that the camera they used didn't show color. We then talked how our technology has changed which allows us to have colored pictures. Ok, so back to the black and white race pictures. We are passing around the pictures and students are making different comments. Then suddenly one child says in her most excited voice, "Miss Brown! That is SO cool that they used one of those old cameras to take a picture of you!" After a little chuckle I had to explain to the class it was only because of the printer not because of an awesome old camera!

Innocent Comments
The kids got to watch the video of all my race pictures. They were super excited and asked to watch it again. As we watched the video there were such innocent comments being made, it made me crack up inside! The first comment was, "Miss Brown, did you go to school to learn how to run?" That comment was followed by, "You sure have long legs," when a picture flashed of me in my running shorts. The next picture was a close up of me in a tank top which apparently showed some muscles because a student says, "Miss Brown you have muscles! I didn't know you had muscles!" as if I was intentionally trying to keep a secret from him.

Help from Kindergarten!
Ms. Froehling's kindergarten class was such a big help this week! The class made posters to hang up during parent teacher conferences! The posters showed what they would like to receive from the project and told parents how they could donate! Check out their posters below!

Thank you Ms. Froehling and her kindergartners! Your help is much appreciated!

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