Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Word is Out & Kids are Excited

On Monday we started calculating my training runs in class! We teamed up with partners to make sets of ten shoes so that we could begin putting them around the room. As we reviewed our place value we made it all the way to 117 training miles that I have completed. Next, we had to do some calculating. On our Oklahoma map each inch represents 16 miles. After doing some configuring we ended up with 7 inches of twine to start off our map. They couldn't believe that we already made it half way across Oklahoma! The students came up with the idea to tally each additional mile until we reached 16 miles to add another inch of twine. Such good thinkers!

Later in the day I showed the students this website where I read a few posts. They were very interested to see the photos and wanted to know if I had more or any video to show them! I told them that I would make a short video for them this weekend at my half marathon (so stay tuned). I can't wait to see their reaction to some real footage!

Today the students began asking me questions about running as soon as they walked in the door. They began to chatter about how awesome it would be to have a field trip to one of my races. It was very entertaining to listen to their hopes when they had no reality that that would mean they were volunteering themselves to wake up at about 5am!

As the day went on I had a parent tell me how excited their child was to tell them all about the project. A teacher told me her students were going to make posters. I even had a student come up to me and say, "Are you the teacher doing a marathon?" as her counterpart asked, "What's a marathon?!" It is wonderful to start to see the students' reaction to the project! I can not wait to see what all comes from this project!

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