Sunday, February 6, 2011

Math Manipulatives for 3rd Grade

The following items will be purchased as a class set for the two third grade classes to share.

(Additional money raised will be distributed between kindergarten, first and second grade so that they can purchase math manipulatives for their grades.)

3rd Grade Items List
Hundreds Pocket Chart
Place Value Activity Set
Number Line Activity Set
Stacking Counters
Translucent Color Chips
Money Kit
Demonstration Learning Clock
Class Set of Student Clocks
Multiplication Bingo
Data Math Trays
Geometric Shapes Tub
Geo Boards
Pattern Blocks
Fraction, Decimals & Percent Circles
Class Set of Calculators
Construction Paper
Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera
Flip Video Camera

These items will be purchased from: Apple Tree, Lakeshore, Oriental Trading and Best Buy.

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  1. I also did 2 days on a page and 2 pages so you could run it help me with math back-to-back. I plan on making some changes 2nd semester. When I do, I'll post that one.