Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting

In two weeks at this time I will be able to say, "After 16 weeks of training, dedication and endurance I have completed my first marathon!" I am already getting excited!

Yesterday I began the taper of the training. It's designed to lower your mileage so that your body can be fresh for the race, yet keep you active enough to keep your muscles loose. I was scheduled for a 13 mile run, but with last weeks occurrence I bumped it up to 16. That way I still felt like it was a long run I got in, but not too hard on my body for only being two weeks away from race day. Next weekend I will only run 7 miles.

I started my run at about 9 a.m. with a temperature of about 45 degrees. Great running weather! I decided early on in the run that I was going to focus on the things around me. Naturally, I was thinking about the sights I would see. However, I quickly realized I was focused on things I was hearing.

I heard the natural sounds of rushing water on the river, the wind moving through the leaves, and a woodpecker. Then, I heard sounds from others that were out enjoying the weather: chatters on a cell phone, bicycle wheels turning, dog paws prancing and other runners feet hitting the pavement. I also heard other people bustling about to get to where they needed to go. Motor cycle engine in the distance. Cars accelerating from the stoplight. Music coming from car windows. People chatting as they cross over the running trail to make there way to brunch.

As the run went on my enjoyment of the sounds around me would be rudely interrupted by an ache or a pain. I ball of my foot felt as if I was being stabbed. Yet, I would remind myself to focus on external things. That is when I would hear the swooshing of a runners shorts. A few minutes later the pressure in my lower back snapped me back into reality. Again, I told myself to focus on the things around me. I hear a dogs' leash rattle. This went on for about the last 6 miles of the run. I kept telling myself this is just one way that I am enduring. It is all endurance for education!

In two weeks I will be able to say that I did my part for Endurance for Education. Will you be able to say you did your part? If you have been following the project make sure you help us reach our goal of $2500 to provide math manipulatives for Kindergarten through 3rd grade by making a contribution to our project! Two weeks and counting!

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