Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweetheart 5K Race

My long runs typically take place on Saturday's. This Saturday there was the Sweetheart 5K race that I decided to do. Seeing how a 5K race is only three miles I would have to run an additional seven miles afterward. For the marathon I am training at 9 minute miles, but I know I can run faster than that for shorter distances. I decided that I wanted to run 8 minute mile pace for the race and then I would drop back down to 9 for the additional miles.

The race began and I was feeling pretty good. I kept my pace for the first two kilometers and then saw a water stop. I knew I was running faster than I typically do so I didnt know if I should go for the water or not. I went ahead and grabbed it. I continued to run feeling pretty good. My breath started to get a little more labored than I like it to be, so I began to get it back to where it needed to be. The finish line came into view and so did friends that were watching. The onlookers yell "You have some one coming up behind you. Go!" I sprint all out and finish the race at 23:21 which is an average of 7:30 miles! I take 4th place overall women and 1st place in my age group! Extremely excited to start the season off with my first award ever! What a great way to begin this project!

In my classroom at Discovery School the students get to sign up to share so that three students share each day. Occasionally, I will sign up to share as well which happens to be on Monday. I am excited to show the medal to my students. They are always asking about my runs and how hard it is. Now I can share a success with them!

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