Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bring the Run into the Class

This week in class we are going to bring the running into the classroom! This will help the students to understand what is really taking place. I am going to explain what the fundraiser is for, but then also let them know how much I really am running.

First, we are going to go walk a mile together on the playground so that they know how long that is. Then, we are going to use a picture of a shoe for every mile that I run to create a link around the room. Lastly, we already have an Oklahoma and United States map on the wall. We are going to see how far we could travel with the miles that I run. These activities will really help the students to understand just how much work is being put into this project along with letting them use their math skills to figure out information. I am thrilled to see how the students respond!

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