Sunday, April 3, 2011

Around School

This week the training miles added up to 250 miles and reached our starting point. The kids were so excited! We had to make a plan to where the links would continue to.

A kindergarten student saw me in the hallway and said, "What are you? A running girl?" I smiled big and replied, "Yes, I am! Are you a running boy?" He shyly smiled and said, "Ya."

One of my students left the following comment on the Endurance for Education Facebook page, "hey ms brown im stating to run ate home like you do i am going to eat helfey food im so excited to go to the kids run to" It made me happy to read that!

The student race is underway! We received the medals for all the participants. Monday is the last day for registration and the race will take place on Wednesday. As of Friday we had about 25 students and several parents registered! So far the race has contributed $135 towards our fundraising goal!

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