Sunday, February 13, 2011

14 Mile Training Run

Today was a 14 mile training run! This means I have officially crossed the line of half marathon training to a full marathon training. With my previous half marathon training I trained up to thirteen miles, but now I have passed that point.

As I stared my run I was not sure what to expect. Last week me long run was 11 miles so I was increasing my distance by 3 miles. Not to mention I hadn't run that distance since November. By mile three I was comfortable in my stride, but by mile ten I started to feel some pain. This was different today. It was not pain like muscle pain from being tired of running. It was pain coming more from the constant pounding of my feet.

I knew I had four more miles to go. Four more miles is nothing when you already ran ten. I stayed focused on my breathing, thought about the cool air and the nice warm shower awaiting me. I thought about how this training run was just one more step closer to my goal. Only ten more weeks, only ten more long runs, only ten more steps to reaching my first marathon!

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